Wasting Time on the Gospel

Cow on a Boda

On my second Saturday in Uganda, I was going to ride the boda-boda (or simply boda) into Kampala to do some shopping.  Bodas are motorcycles that gives a person (or a person & a TV, a person & a chicken, or up to 5 people) a ride to the destination of choice.  They work like a lot like taxis. 

Being unfamiliar with how to get around, a Ugandan friend was coming to meet me and help me navigate the system.  We were going to meet at the boda stand and ride one into town.  Getting there first, I had some time to waste.  So I sat down on a bench with some Ugandans.  I immediately tried the two phrases I knew in Luganda.  Laughter ensued.  My Lugandan was not polished.  Well, it still isn’t but now I have more phrases that are unpolished.

Fortunately, the guy closest to me spoke English and so we chatted.  He asked me how long I had been in Uganda and if I liked Uganda.  I told him that I love Uganda and have only been here for one week. 

As we talked he inquired as to why I was in Uganda. Now I could give the extended version but time and language barriers prevented this.  So I told him I was there to proclaim the gospel.  It was at this point I volunteered that the good news about Christ coming to die for our sins and offer forgiveness to those who would believe in Him was worth sharing. 

That was it. We eventually got to introductions and I found out his name was Sula (this is my best guess at spelling what I heard).  I asked him where he went to church. Turns out that Sula is Muslim.  I thought I was talking to a Christian all along.  But my quick and inserted mention of Christ and His victory switched from teaching/encouraging to evangelism in my mind. 

I had prayed for opportunities to share the gospel in my time leading up to coming to Uganda.  I expected sermons or intentional times of outreach to be those opportunities.  But God is much more savvy than me.  He provided an opportunity in an unlikely way.  Here I was with time to waste.  Turns out the Lord can turn my wasted time into invested time.  Pray the Lord would convert Sula.  Also pray that He would enable me to continue to be bold in investing time in the gospel.

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