The Long Way Down

Today, my teammate Ben Church and I traveled to Rwanda. We brought with us Gordon Woolard who works for MTW and has been to Rwanda several times and knows people here we can meet. We came to Rwanda to meet various saints and just to get to know them and so Gordon is the perfect travelling partner.

We left at 4:30am from Kampala, Uganda to drive all the way to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. We arrived in Kigali at 4:30pm. So for the mathematically challenged that is 12 hours of travel. We only went down the wrong road twice. We traveled about 520 km in those 12 hours including our detours. We did stop for about 30 minutes to eat lunch and about an hour at the border between Uganda and Rwanda. We almost didn’t make it in because they needed to see proof that I owned my car. That documentation is in process and so I did not have it on me. But thanks to the internet it was able to be emailed to the right people.

When we got into town, Ben and I drove to a shopping center to get phone service and to find and ATM. The ATM was scary because I read the receipt as saying we only had $150 left in our account. That really did cause me to panic some. But I checked online and we have what I thought we should have had.

We also met up with Vianney who is a Rwandan pastor who came to Kigali to meet with us. We took him and Gordon to dinner where Vianney shared about his ministry in western Rwanda (side note: we had Indian food…in Rwanda. Needless to say we hurried home after dinner). He works as a pastor at a church and runs a pastor training center. This latter work is very important because he says 99% of the pastors in his area have no formal training.

He told us that part of what he does is to take teaching materials in English and translate them into the local language so the pastors can have them. Most pastors only speak the local language. This means they have little access to quality theological materials. He shared that what he has seen God do through the pastor training is to really equip them to properly handle the Word of God.

Visiting with fellow believers and hearing what God is doing in another part of Africa is a huge blessing. It makes this long day well worth it. We are spent, but it is a good spent. We got here safely and have a few more days to visit and hear more about God’s mighty work in Rwanda.

Here are some pictures from our day of travel and meeting with Vianney. Please pray for continued safety and for more good meetings.

What a wonderful view we have from our guest house

What a wonderful view we have from our guest house

Vast tea fields greeted us in Rwanda

Vast tea fields greeted us in Rwanda

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  1. I love you and pray for you daily. I pray that no harm will befall you or your family. I pray too that you will do good work, sow the seeds of love, and learn from the people you meet. Nkwagala!

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