Rollex Time : How Dalton, Georgia Influenced Kasana, Uganda

“Do you have a Rolex guy?” This was the question put to me just over a week ago. I took this to be a joke about fake Rolexes in Uganda. So, I played along and said, “Yes.” I was curious, though, why someone would need a ‘Rolex guy’ because how many watches, even fake ones, can a person need. Besides it was an American missionary asking me this so I thought maybe he shouldn’t be caught up in the finer (fake) things in life. So as I was playing along, I mentioned how I don’t see him wearing one now. This is the moment we actually began communicating.

At work making the delectable treat known as a rollex

At work making the delectable treat known as a rollex

This is because he explained that in Uganda, a rollex (I am going with a 2 ‘l’ spelling though I have seen 1 ‘l’) is a food. Just as well, I don’t need a watch but this new food item certainly intrigued me. So I found his rollex guy and ordered one. It is quite the Ugandan treat. A rollex is a chapati (think fried flour tortilla) with fried egg on top and then rolled up like a newspaper. Some add tomato slices, cabbage, or onions, but I am a plain jane man. If it were heroin I would need to be in rehab since I have had one every other day. I have pushed them onto Brooke and the kids as well as our teammates Ben and Kim Church. Rollexes are all the rage at the moment.

The rollex bar in all its glory

The rollex bar in all its glory

This is where Dalton, Georgia comes into the picture. My cousin, Anna, and her husband, Allan, live in Dalton and put on a hot dog bar every year. The hot dog bar is like a salad bar but way yummier. Two summers ago was my first time to visit the famed hot dog bar. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend it. Anyways, they have loads of toppings, about 30 I would say, just sitting there waiting for you to put them on your hot dog. They even have names for certain combinations. I had the chili dog. I know this is boring but most of the other toppings are avocado, lettuce, salsa, peach salsa, and vegatably things like that. I like meat and cheese and am not ashamed to admit it.

You see where this is going. After discussing the delicious qualities of rollexes with some Ugandans and Americans at lunch one day an idea came to me. Let’s have a rollex bar.

The Americans show how to maneuver around the make it your way setting

The Americans show how to maneuver around the make it your way setting

You take something yummy from America and combine it with something yummy from Uganda. It is a whole new style of food I am calling Ameriganda.

Since we can’t bring his rollex guy to us we decided to do it ourselves. We didn’t have 30 toppings but we did have 3 meats, 2 cheeses, and 3 vegatably items. It was soooooo good. You will never guess which of the toppings I used. I had the ham-n-cheese rollex. More combinations were tried by others and everyone enjoyed their own. Being so enjoyed, when we each had had one, it was suggested that a fight ensue to determine who gets seconds. The black eye I got was worth it. Kidding. There was enough for everyone to have their fill. As a matter of fact, I think I am still full.

Just before the fight for seconds broke out :)

Just before the fight for seconds broke out 🙂

I consider the endeavor a success because it has been recommend that one dinner a month be made rollex time.

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  1. I liked your post because I learned something else about Uganda. Rollexes are better than rolexes any day of the week; however, I’d have to go vegan on the rollex as I’m not much on fried eggs. Speaking of which, Ed has decided to try a vegetarian lifestyle (not quite vegan but vegetarian). I think he sees this as one way he can relieve suffering in the world. I so enjoy being there in Uganda through you and your family. Peace and much love to you my nephew.

  2. That does sound yummy. We’ll have to do Rollex bar when I come to Uganda. Really enjoyed that story!!! Kind of reminds me how your daddy can spin a yarn.

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